Thomas de Vuillefroy

painter artist


” Painting as the ultimate and infinite research tool, painting as an action, as a commitment, as a form of thought, as a method of observing the world, as a means of expression. Painting to give meaning to life. Thomas de Vuillefroy is one of those entire artists, with a tortuous personal journey that is richer than that of a thousand men, who create as they breathe, who create to breathe. “Paint and don’t get discouraged,” he says. During his first years of artistic practice, because he considers himself in the training phase and loses interest at this stage in obtaining a result, he systematically erases what he has produced by applying paint with a squeegee. Observing one day by chance that by covering pastel with Chinese ink, the ink did not cover the entire image uniformly but that a range of effects resulted, he undertook to develop a new personal technique for printing with a scraper giving unique prints (monotypes). He declines his findings into different series. One uses a sensitive line drawing, another one uses cut-out paper caches which, combined with the passage of successive layers of ink, determine different grey values. Finally, another one exploits chance and accident for a more abstract series. “

Juliette Lamarca, 2017

works for sale by Thomas de Vuillefroy

  • unique technique of Chinese ink on paper in large format for sale in the store of gallery 22 contemporaryunique technique of Chinese ink on large format paper for sale in the gallery's store 22

    RNP 168

    de Vuillefroy Thomas 8 000 
  • Chinese ink on large format paper for sale in the online shop of gallery 22

    RNP 114

    de Vuillefroy Thomas 4 700 
  • scraper in Chinese ink on paper for sale in the gallery's store 22

    RNP 113

    de Vuillefroy Thomas 4 500 
  • work on technical drawing paper and ink on paper for sale in the online shop of Gallery 22

    RNP 110

    de Vuillefroy Thomas 6 000