Raymond Guerrier


(1920-2002). Knight of the Arts and Letters

[It is as a poet that Warrior paints the real, serious and mysterious. Beyond the primitive plastic vocabulary he claims, this earthling is carried by a tenderness that reconnects with the phenomena that constitute our original sensitivity. Its true nature is based on it. With his travels to Spain, Sardinia, Greece, Morocco, Jordan and Israel, he deepens his dialogue with the sensual impulses found in nature, the geometric masses, the rhythms that generate their own spatiality for a space-plan. Warrior manages to project himself into his painting and bring him to this extreme point of a frontal construction for a communion that annihilates any speculative intellectual temptation. Raymond Guerrier has created a language in his image. If over the years, his painting tends more and more towards abstraction, this one, quite relative, is it by the clear lines which weave the elementary ordering of architectures, stones, arid soil, flowers and fruits, these terrestrial foods from which the artist makes us touch the painting. Light reveals vibrations in the sense that chromatic ratios work to reveal the shape in its specificity. The unctuous material betrays a lyricism whose modest palette remains careful not to betray the accuracy of the modulations. The apparent austerity calls for the fervour that emerges from the subtly braided contours, to delimit sound spaces under the onslaught of colourful flat areas. Soon black and white will explore the world alone. Light and shadow have this taste of eternity approached by the magic of painting alone. Like the flame reviving the blaze, the melodrama burns the pictorial substance with a warmth very characteristic of the one who lives in Warrior. Like Prometheus, it delights fire and lava. Poorly concealed under a tamed harshness, Warrior’s modesty is swept away by his propensity to fraternity, whose gaze on beings and nature is rich with his confidence in the future; with certainty, Warrior has hunted down the sun. Its daily rebirth is the guarantee of the permanence of life. From appearances where our illusions are lost, Warrior has kept the essence of everything, for its only presence in the world.]

Lydia Harambourg

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