Untitled VI

1 500 

Technique: Basalt, glass paste
Dimension: H 9,8 x 11,4 x3,1 inch

A work proposed by Gallery 22
Work sold with certificate of authenticity

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| Artist : gérard fournier

First of all, the pleasure of discovery when stone challenges me with its natural shape, structure, movement and lines. Then, it is necessary to establish it, to find its balance which will reveal it and give it all its presence. To humanize it by introducing an idea, a trace, into this material, which will be translated by an architecture of light: glass. Play with minerality, opacity and transparency. The light sometimes escapes or is trapped. Create mystery, the unusual in balance and harmony. My approach reflects above all this profound need for me to be in harmony with nature.

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Dimensions 8 × 29 × 25 cm


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