Spring Day XVI


Technique: Printing on Hahnemüle paper, delivered with a natural wooden frame without glass
Dimension: 9,4 x 14,2 inch
Edition: 1/6
Series: “A Spring Day”

A work proposed by Gallery 22
Work sold with certificate of authenticity

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| Artist : bertil hansson

Bertil Hansson uses three working techniques, painting, graphics and photography, without favouring one over the other.
The painting:
His dominant technique is that of tempera with linseed oil and egg, supported by canvas or wood. He prepares his own colours from dry pigment and an emulsion composed of water, egg, linseed oil, dammar and a few drops of lavender oil for conservation.
Occasionally, he uses watercolour on paper.
The graphics:
Its most common method is photopolymerization etching, which is very similar in itself to etching, but differs from it in that it uses, instead of a copper and acid plate, a polymer plate (a type of plastic) “etched” with water and ultraviolet light. The printing process itself is done in exactly the same way as for etching.
Photography :
Bertil Hansson uses both analog and digital technology.
He frequently reworks his images on the computer to adjust their colour intensity, light and contrast. The prints to be exhibited are produced in C-Print and mounted on a laminated aluminium plate.
Bertil Hansson finds his inspiration mainly in music and nature. Even if they are not explicitly visible in his work, the sensations that both of them create in him are constantly present.

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Dimensions 36 × 24 cm


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