The troubled waters

8 000 

Technique: boat ropes from Fonte da Telha (Portugal), plastic and metal support

Dimension: H 118,1 x 78,7 inch

A work proposed by Gallery 22
Work sold with certificate of authenticity

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Pauline Guerrier Artist Sculptor

Pauline Guerrier’s work is characterized by the meeting of mediums and disciplines within the same space of representation. It is the fruit of plastic experimentation within a scientific and poetic logic. By hybridizing and displacing techniques specific to their disciplines, Pauline Guerrier creates fictional universes where emotion and poetry become sampleable data. But more than a demonstration, the artist’s work is part of an aesthetic experience constantly challenged by the conditions of visibility within a space and time specific to the spectator. The fictional universes thus created transform exhibition spaces into spaces shared by ephemeral communities gathered around the same object. If the rituality of experience seems to take an important place in Pauline Guerrier’s work, it is to be differentiated from the worship or adoration of a blinding object. Here, the work is spectacular in its pure modesty. The materials, threads of wool or pieces of plastic, are simple and the design is hand-crafted. The vibrations, the sparkles, the movements inherent to the works are never ostentatious. The aesthetic experience is akin to a meditation where the tenuous thread of the fabric and the tiny reflection of light tend to sharpen the viewer’s gaze and make the invisible visible. Drawing inspiration from pre-existing rites and in the pure tradition of transmission, Pauline Guerrier reinvests the artistic field of a community inclined to establish new relationships with others and matter, in a meditative and sensitive dimension.

Joffrey Guerin

works for sale by Pauline Guerrier

Dimensions 200 × 300 cm