The enigma

5 000 

Technique:  Cast-iron

Dimension: 18,8 x 21,6 x 4,7 inch

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A work proposed by Gallery 22
Work sold with certificate of authenticity


Artist : Pierre Ribà

Sensual shapes made from simple sheets of cardboard …
So much simplicity and so much complexity mixed together. Signs, shapes, cuts that the eye recognizes but that intrigue. Waves of memories of ancestral objects, a totem here perhaps, a mask there. And always, a restraint, an almost religious silence emanates from Pierre Ribà’s monochrome universe. The enigmatic works of the artist fascinate and cast doubt. “His sculptures are so close to us that when we have seen them once, we feel as if we have always known them, like friends who have come back from far away, like souvenirs or doves, like familiar melodious songs, so much harmony sets them before us, humble and human” insists Georges Chich. It’s true, these works made of pieces of cardboard carefully agglomerated have the strange power to impose themselves from the outset, like a plastic evidence, a kind of physical law, a obedient refrain that trots in your head all day long.

Text Mirror of Art

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Dimensions 12 × 55 × 48 cm


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