Najaade IV

4 000 

Technique: Steatie, unique piece

Dimension: H.19,2 x 7 x 5,9 inch

A work proposed by Gallery 22
Work sold with certificate of authenticity

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| Artist : Karl-Heinz Diegner

Karl-Heinz Diegner had marked us by his ability to express beauty in stone and bronze, which was part of a remarkable trend in sculpture. This time he astonishes us with the originality of his new creations in aluminium and copper sheet metal. Simply bent, curved.
This is the time of freedom, of flight.
To imagine, to create, to dream. A subtle, moving mixture of movement and matter, of this attempt by an artist to conceive an original world, and to propose his vision of creation.
Jean Michel Guenassia, writer

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Dimensions 15 × 18 × 49 cm


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