The Polyptych

2 500 

Technique: Central photo and 5 photos around, assembled on a removable panel
Dimension: 88,9 x 53,1 inch

The polyptych presented here forms a bridge between old works (1970) and the very recent image (2018) of an aged man. We do not know if he cries or smiles in front of the Eros of yesteryear; nor even if he recognizes, around him, those young people who were and remain only by the still image, a fraction of the time stolen from time.

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| Artist : alain schwarzstein

I have been shooting TV movies for 25 years and photography for 40 years.

I have always been fascinated by faces and bodies. And nothing else. Child or old man or woman, woman or man, in tags or in the flesh, I repeat the same image, in multiple incarnations, without ever going around it. Happy in the studio, lost outdoors, I think I capture in the gaze offered – or masked – an emotion whose nature I do not know and do not understand the reason. Sometimes the picture is good, I know that “it passes”.


A ruined building was in the countryside, an old nightclub. It was a gigantic thing, mixing neo-Gothic and ancient Egypt, in a hazardous pastiche. The building was covered with tags, which as the weeks went by disappeared under other tags. I often walked around this building photographing these ephemeral paintings. It was deserted, impressive, the cardboard paste and the walls of guingois evoking to me the silence of the end of the shooting, when the team left, and that the decorations break down even before they were dismantled. I have written other famous shadows in these shadows.

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Dimensions 225 × 135 cm


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