The Blue Door

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Technique: Glass & Sandstone
Dimension: H 12,4 x 5,5 x 13,4 inch

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| Artist : christian von sydow

Born in Lund, Sweden in 1950. Lives and works in Provence since 2012.

Christian von Sydow has a wide range of techniques from sculpture to painting. He works mainly with glass and ceramics. Molding glass in sand and glass paste often produce exciting encounters with other materials. “I work with glass and clay. Two materials, two temperaments. Glass is colour and light. Ceramics is surface and structure. Like an endless journey, I explore and push the boundaries of materials. In the chaos of creation, I seek order and structure. I usually work with archetypes, original shapes. During the work the life process and shows me the way… repetition, variation… I assemble and present.”

Public Collections :

Nationalmuseum Stockholm. Glasmuseet Växjö. Malmö Museum. Helsingborgs Museum, Kristianstad Läns Museum, Trelleborgs Museum. Trelleborgs kommun. Vellinge Kommun. Ronneby Kommun, Landskrona Kommun. Malmöhus Läns Landsting. Statens Konstråd. Offentliga samlingar i Taijmi-City, Kasamatsu och Izui- Cho, Japan. Mudesa, Museum of Design and Applied Arts, Iceland.

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Dimensions 34 × 14 × 31.5 cm


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