Illusory Balance

38 000 

Technique:  Bronze 1/12

Dimension: 74,8 x 34,6 x 22,8 inch

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A work proposed by Gallery 22
Work sold with certificate of authenticity

| Artist : Julien Allègre

Julien Allègre
his scars of humanity.
By lively possession, Allègre launches out of an elementary frame, then he throws away the key to the codes. Coming out of the underground, his sharp, fantasized and possessed forms make all tired banality disappear.
Sometimes, like a sun, the form incantes space. Sometimes, a face of immensity carries away the horizon. A face bursting and plural, crossed by all the hollows of the world.
This sculptor dares to deprive the masses of their mass. All that remains is the envelope, the naked carcass, and the fragile skin of the essential… Through the hollowed-out material, Allègre tears the expanse. Through the cracks of space, he cuts the matter. He blooms scars of humanity. Wild writing of disfigurement. Shredded space.
His sculptures are dazzling. The fever of the depths inhabits these great surges, these burnt chromatics, and these masks of intimacy. His frenetic beings, free of all cultural evidence, upset the inertia of reality, and take root in the throes of desire. Strange sacrificial energy. In this art of grappling and fighting, vital pleasures exult in the darkness of fantasy.
Formidable earthling, Julien Allègre imposes a barbaric and luminous art, exulting in wild health, with the immense weight of devouring life and barely tamed magma. He feels the solar power of the vital transgressions that take away our lives and our emptiness. The order wavers, haunted by inventive formal tremors. The presence of prodigy masks, astonishing sensitivity, on the edge of the abyss.
Archaic and contemporary, the work frees the West from its tired concepts and its heavy materiality. Allègre reinvents the mythical figure, which he tears away from our certainties. His raw art, illuminating metal and fire, carries away these sharp paces, haunted by universality, and these fabulous totems. Abrupt presence of the origins. His works make an appearance. They never cease to watch. Time of the great watchmen, in open space.
Cheerful with the shamanic soul, hard seized by all the devouring powers of the present.
Text by Christian Noorbergen

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Dimensions 58 × 88 × 190 cm


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