Dog dream n°05


Technique: Aquatint, etching, drypoint
on 300 gr pure hand-made rag paper, print 16 / 99

Dimension: 20,4 x 27,9 inch

A work proposed by Gallery 22
Work sold with certificate of authenticity

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| Artist : Monique Flosi

“When she engraves, the movement of the world seems to leave her eyes: the comings and goings of others, the gestures, the rumours, the images, the signs, everything that follows like a wake the white or black sailing ships of life, everything fades away. His face is absent: the impassive hardness of a mask.
But the gaze burns inside; the opposite gaze, thrown like a probe to the secret depths where a tumult of impulsive forces, flamboyant emotions, blasphemous dreams and spells are assembled, tightened into a crazy, solar nucleus.
Then go up with the swells, the lava, up to the scarifying hand, a universe of stone, water, fire and air, inhabited here and there by monsters laughing atrociously or debonarily, crossed by glances without rest, shaken by fleshy embraces, brushed, sometimes, of tender feathers, delicate emotions. Fantastic and whimsical universe, dark brother of the other, with its black humour and barbaric rituals, its own order, its disorders, its happiness, its horrors and its doubts.
When she engraves, what first gnaws at the copper is her willingness to extract what haunts, her stubborn rage to survive, the slow emergence of a conspiracy.
And when she draws, freed from the burrowing harshness imposed by metal, it is a completely different peril; less abysmal, simply inscribed in the weft of this handmade paper, which she has chosen because it is not flatly docile. Rebellious paper, which it sometimes impregnates with sharp inks, which it tears or crumples like a rag; complicit paper, since it then affects a strange patience, the almost living elasticity of the parchment; but rebellious again and again, because the grain of this skin, its marbling, its fur, its random tattoos, – this shiver of epidermis – hide traps that could well seduce. “

Text excerpt from Claude Mastre

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Dimensions 71 × 52 cm


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