Monique Flosi

painter and engraver

Painter and Engraver
Lecturer in Engraving at the University of Provence.
Present in several large private art collections and museums:
– Museum of Contemporary Art, PACA Marseille region
– Lyon Public Library
– Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris
His works have been presented in the major international fairs of Contemporary Art
– Bales, Washington, New York…
Artist’s book in collaboration with Salha Stétié, Raymond Jean, Christiane Baroche and several contemporary poets
Edited by
Franconi Publishing in Nice
Lee Silberstein Publishing in Washington
Weber Publishing in Geneva
Les Éditions Editard in Geneva
ALCOR Publishing in Marseille
Present in artists’ dictionaries:
– the Benezit, the reference dictionary for painters, sculptors, draftsmen and engravers from all over the world.
– the “Kunstlerlexikon”, Universal Encyclopedia of Artists.
– the dictionary of “surrealist women”, Ed. Obliques,
– the Delarge, dictionary of modern and contemporary visual arts.

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