Karl-Heinz Diegner


Karl Heinz Diegner likes to read between the lines.
For many years, he has been trying to question them, tame them, caress them, sometimes diverting them. The delicately fascinating curves of the female body have constantly inspired him. All his work bears witness to this, whatever the material used: stone, bronze, alabaster, soapstone.
But what would these lines be without the light that reveals them, shapes them, sublimates them. The strength of his art is this power and talent to capture and fix the elusive confidences between light and matter, to reveal to us a part of their intimate dialogue.
In approaching a new material, metal, Karl Heinz Diegner does not abandon his favourite subject, the female body, even if it appears less immediate at first glance. It seems that his work is part of an approach, more abstract, more suggested, more internalized.
This more supple and ductile material allows her to push her confrontation and conversation with curves, shapes and lines further; bending, twisting, stretching the material until it delivers new refined volumes, new visions, new emotions.
When approaching metal, Karl Heinz Diegner does not hesitate to put his know-how into play. But as with stone or bronze, his work remains a subtle alchemy between power and delicacy, between rigour and fluidity, fantasy and exigency.
With this new facet of his talent, he invites us to let ourselves be carried away towards new territories, new imaginations to penetrate, in search of purity. Like a dialogue between lines.

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