Enrique Mestre-Jaime

painter artist

Lives and works in Barcelona, graduated from the School of Fine Arts, Painting Specialty. Fine Arts School of Sant Jordi. University of Barcelona.

I am a painter…I look at life, I ́observe nature…and I paint them, I paint them, I paint ́eau, flowers, the sea, birds, sometimes an architecture, sometimes an island, a piece of ́historie in a small tent, a market, sometimes a face, a gesture, a silhouette…And my passions and worries are many…the journey, the human geographies, the destruction of the planet, the pollution…and I ́essai to have them all in a canvas, in a piece of paper, with a pencil, a brush…not easy…The feelings and emotions give à to the painting. We need to make a living art, with soul and not empty and cold… and that c ́est the challenge and objective for me, the pleasure and the difficulty…

works for sale by Enrique Mestre-Jaime