Danielle Prijikorski

painter artist

Danielle Prijikorski never leaves her gaze behind; he makes her the wise “finder” who uses what our daily newspapers leave to be forgotten or discarded… One fine morning, the colours, graphics and poster material torn in the city, have been “tinkered” with the desire for an almost instinctive free gesture… Each day, therefore, her tonality is revealed; this time another facet of the artist is revealed, like the burst of a desire to translate without delay.The poster was torn from its fateful destiny and back to the studio, it is in the same impulse that Danielle posed her desire for bright colours confronted with the collected material… Like a detour that we allow ourselves in a journey, a digression in a constructed subject, this series “Pop” is a parenthesis that is proposed to us in the painter’s pictorial trajectory.

Brigitte RENAUD

works for sale by Danielle Prijikorski


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