Gallery 22 Contemporary

Alain Grosajt

painter artist

[At the crossroads, the sign, the epigrammatic, graffiti or legend, accumulates in the photographic image, in the fabric, in the clay, in the stone and in the ashes, covering little by little the inscription, the one completed by Grosajt’s hand closing this unspeakable loop formed of as many fragments as can hardly be guessed. Let us imagine sentences that would fade as they are written: from these successive fades emerges an essential affirmed by the line, sometimes hard, often thick, willingly violent, always bent over, as if on the run, too, so that time escapes as soon as we pretend to land there.
In Alain Grosast’s work, nothing is assembled: everything is combined to distil enigmatic clairvoyants, even to the point of manticism.]

Text excerpt Bertrand Bolognesi

currently no works for sale by this artist